Uber France trial comes to an end verdict expected on June.

Uber is facing a severe leagal wrath in France after it refused to close the controversial uberPOP services which let unregistered taxis to drive for uber.
On Feb 25th the hearing for the trial came to an end with verdict being issued on June 9th. The accused include Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, chief for Europe, Middle East and Africa and Thibaud Simphal, general manager for France.The Company has been accused of operating UberPOP which lets non professional driver cater to customers.
The offences charged against them include violating privacy laws by collecting information about the self-employeed drivers, illegal taxi operation and commercial deception.
Uber has been acscused of letting drivers who didn’t have proper documents to serve as taxi drivers which endangered the security of the passengers.

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During the trail the lawers argued that Coty and Simphal were salaried managers and had nothing to do with decision making matters and only worked for marketing and promotion.Though nobody was specially addressed or blamed for those descions
Though the were demanded to be jailed at the end of the trail uber lawer’s pleaded them to ban from managing any company and fine against Uber France, a 70,000 euro ($77,000) fine for Coty and a 50,000 euro ($55,000) fine for Simphal.
UberPOP drivers have been fast tracked and fined for not compling with taxi driver laws.but still uber runs its standar services through its application.This is causing occasional taxi drivers strike and protest to ban uber in the country completely.
Uber is already banned in Spain and Italy, you can try dectar apps which is similar to Uber

Uber protests do not really work out

Uber, the American based ride hailing network is operating in more than 500 cities across the globe. It has achieved more fame and popularity within a short span of time despite being the startup company. It is now the most valuable startup in the world, would you believe that? Uber is not new to controversies and people do not seem to be cared about them either. However, the Uber drivers are not really happy with the company’s unfair treatment towards them. Several Uber drivers depend on their daily wages to run their lives. The ride fares and the poor tipping are some of the issues that are being overlooked by the mighty Uber.
We hear about Uber protests every now and them, but are they going to bring any differences? Sadly, the answer is NO! The US based ride hailing company is not “very generous” with its drivers on tipping option unlike its rival Lyft.
There are many drivers who are even ready to quit Uber and migrate to better taxi services. The company has always come up with justifications to shut down the drivers’ requests. The best part is that Uber says it welcomes feedbacks and suggestions from its drivers and riders, pure sarcasm! It has some crazy marketing strategies and partnerships with huge names in the industry, the protests would not make it any inferior to other companies. We shall just have to hope the company does justice to all of its users in near future!

Amazon builds its own UberRush

Amazon moves into on demand delivery service like Uber did, their venture called Amazon Flex.This move by amazon is to cut down its logistic expenses and handle instant delivery services.Though the company is using third-party delivery systems it is trying to shift slowly to its own services.
Amazon flex delivers for its prime now app bookings, the popular app for instant delivery services from Amazon.This app is priced at $ 99 a year subscription fee.Amazon drivers deliver goods from smaller warehouses near metropolitan cities rather than huge stock houses to the customers who use prime now app for booking.The service is available in 14 american cities as of now.
The drivers of amazon flex are now invited for delivering amazon’s non-prime orders.Though only a section of the drivers were invited.This gives amazon a good advantage in terms of prices over other online retailers.
Flex drivers earn $18 to $25 a hour.They are not amazon employees they are contractors who pay for their gas and insurance but have less choice when it comes to their schedule.Drivers can receive tip when delivered for prime now customers which is not the case with normal deliveries.
Amazon and uberRush are the mightiest players in instant delivery system.Though amazon is mostly concentrating on its own product delivery.Amazon made the first move in UK market for instant delivery.
This would have an effect upto 50% of on Royal mail’s income in UK if amazon delivers all products on its own.
Amazon is planning to take all this to next level by trying out drone delivery which the company has been exprementing for a while.

Spain local cab drivers protest against Uber services

Uber is the most used transport network in many countries despite the increasing crime rate. The US based ride hailing company poses a threat to local taxi services in the Asian and European continents. Spain is Uber’s current favorite country and people have already started to ignore other local cabs. Uber’s success served the European country with its economic rate.
To top it all, the Spanish government has always been favorable towards the US based company and it has created an outrage among the local taxi drivers. Many drivers entirely depend upon their daily wages and tips to run their lives. It seems like Uber would slowly destroy the livelihoods of poor drivers! Hence, in order to put a full stop to the largest transport network, a group of cabbies have now decided to protest against the mighty Uber in Spain.
Uber offers a lot of features and attractive deals for its users in order to grab attention and restore its lost fame. Also, it has some attractive marketing strategies to rope in the media’s attention as well. Spain is not the ONLY country that is favoring Uber and ignoring the local taxi services, it is an ugly truth!

Uber loses its pace in the mainland China

Uber is the mighty US based ride hailing service and it is operating in more than 500 cities across the globe and it is also popular in the Asian continent. The largest transport company picked up its pace in India after a massive downfall in the share market. It is even looking to conquer many developing countries with its features. It poses a threat to the local rivals in the Asian countries and China is Uber’s current favorite since it has got a massive population. Large population means more money, get the whole point? Travis Kalanick’s $51 billion worth company is not really doing well and is also losing around $1 billion a year, poor Uber!
The US based ride hailing company is on the verge of extinction in China and it is now working on new plans to top up the record charts. Despite Uber operating in 22 cities, it does not see any growth in the Chinese market. According to the critics, it is just a black market that is making money off its users. Influence from the Government and attractive marketing strategies make Uber superior across the globe.
Honestly speaking, Uber is so overrated and it seems to be an epic fail in many countries. Didi Kuaidi makes it tough for Uber to conquer China. It’s time for Mr. Travis Kalanick to take a deep breath and figure out plans to take down Didi Kuaidi in the mainland China.

Uber offers a bumper prize on Valentine’s Day

It is the most special day for all the chirpy lovers out there because Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It is time for the fat little cupids to shoot the “love arrows” on people, just a sarcasm guys! If you want to surprise your date with something grand and extravaganza, take a ride on Uber, it is as simple as that! So, what is it all about that is creating a buzz among the Uber riders? Uber offers a flight on private jet, dreamy dinner dates and shopping coupons for three lucky winners on Valentine’s Day. How much more crazy can it get? Pray to God that the fat-so cupid must shoot the lucky arrow on you!
All you got to do is get a cab from Uber and log on to the app, choose the promotions tab and type the code “Dream date”. You are good to go and you could be one of those three lucky winners. Ever wondered why Uber is so good to its users lately? If you cannot guess the answer, you must grow up, just kidding! The famous ride hailing app has been struck with numerous controversies and is now slowly losing its users to other taxi services. Hence, to put up a “good image” among the public, Uber pays visits to nonprofit organizations and does feel good campaigns. Likewise, this is one of the publicity strategies to fetch attention from the media, say your prayers Uber!

Uber and Airbnb seek European Union support for “sharing economy”

Amid law suits and protests from various countries in Europe, the sharing economy companies have written to the EU for support.
The open letter seeks European Union’s support from member states to not clamp down their business.The 47 signatories requested that national laws should not hamper the growth of such economies which is detriment to Europeans.
The letter was addressed to Europen Union president Mark Rutte who is the Dutch prime minister and is holding the union office on rolling presidency term.The letter also sated its support for European digital market strategy by the union.
The European politicians and policy makers are meeting up on this issue and resolve to a decision which reflects the view of all the member states
The collaborative economy also called sharing or gig economy is facing severe crticism for using loopholes in regulations to gain tax benefits.Uber has been severely criticized in UK for paying very less tax in the year 2015 despite making huge profits.Severe protest by taxi drivers were held across London.Taxi drivers feel that Uber by cutting down on its tax expenditure is getting an unfair advantage over other taxi drivers.
UberPop the ride sharing service has been stopped in France as the drivers using UberPop to transport customers are not registered taxi driver’s .Also the verdict deciding the fate of the uber executives is yet to be stated.
AirBnB came under severe criticism in New York for stating in a report that 95% of its housing option is one home owner, after removing 1000 listing from its application.

Uber offers puppy cuddling service for workaholics

Uber, the ride hailing company Uber for x thinks it can get away with its controversies by introducing play dates with cute little puppies, lamest ever! The US based company is known for its efficient service and infamous controversies as well. But in order to stay in the industry and grab attention from people, the company offers convenient features and does feel good campaigns.
Uber has countless charges but the cheeky company paid more visits to nonprofit organizations than court trial rooms, clever eh? If you still cannot figure out about the company’s sudden love towards organizations, you need to sift through Google about its history!
Recently, Uber collaborated with Capital Area Humane Society to bring a wide smile on people’s face at workplace. As a preparation for the good cause, the controversial ride hailing company offered play dates with cute puppies for $30 and the campaign received a huge support from the dog lovers. Honestly speaking, it is a treat for the non dog lovers as well, cannot deny that! The news made an entry into many national channels and grabbed huge media attention across Columbus.
Countless controversies did not stop Uber from achieving more and extending its services around the world. It even poses a serious threat to the local taxi services and it is also a huge inspiration to many startups that are slowly emerging. According to the critics, it is a black market that is basically looting money off its innocent users. Puppies might change people’s mind but it would not last forever, sorry Uber, better luck next time!

Uber pays $28 million for lawsuit over passenger safety measures

Uber is familiar with numerous controversies and it is fined for infinite times by many countries for violating the traffic regulators’ laws. The company charges its users for safety rides and many people find it absurd. But the US based ride sharing company has not yet implemented finger print identification of car drivers. The government has fined the company for operating within the city without implementing passenger safety measures and Uber is ready to pay $28 million for settling the issue. Earlier, the US based ride sharing company was also charged with fine for having uncertified drivers in the city. However, it has managed to fight back the charges imposed by the government.
Uber’s long term rival Lyft faced a similar charge in the past, but the fine was much lesser than Uber’s. Lyft, the ride hailing company paid around $250,000 dollars as a charged fine. The severity of Uber’s fine is due to the company’s ignorance on the rules and regulations. But Uber paid above $25 million dollars to settle the issue with no harm or whatsoever. Uber’s spokesperson has stated that the company is expecting to serve the users with hassle free service. Uber is very sure about giving its 100 percent service with its safety ride option. It has succeeded by putting up a great fight against the government to get rid of finger print identification. Let us hope the US based company comes up with better passenger safety options!

The mighty Uber now enters food delivery market

Uber is known for its innovative features and crazy controversies as well and it is also many people’s favorite. The San Francisco based ride hailing company was found by Travis Kalanick in 2009 and it has been a massive hit ever since then. It poses a serious threat to its rivals and other so called “yellow cabs”.
The mighty Uber is now looking to slay like a ninja even in food delivery market. The company has announced it would deliver food to all the hungry people out there. Uber has attractive marketing strategies to grab attention from the public and the critics feel it is one of the usual “Uber’s cheeky ways” of grabbing attention.
Amazon is the world famous e commerce site that has been an inspiration to many startups. It has got huge inventories through which people could buy anything and everything. The famous e commerce site has always missed a mark to cover the food delivery market, but not anymore! It has joined forces with the worlds’ valuable startup, Uber to deliver food to hungry people out there. Both the giants would now pose a threat to the food department as well. The feature has been successful and already gained huge response from the users. It would soon be implemented in other cities as well.